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New, custom-built & refit gearboxes for industrial and maritime applications,

A gearbox is a business-critical component in the industrial asset. Lead-times are challenging for new build, while downtime for modifications needs to be minimised. Time and quality are vital. With our background plus our strong focus on customer service, we can design, manufacture and supply quality gearboxes much faster than other manufacturers. Our extremely short lead-times for new‑built are due to our flexible production capabilities and in-house engineering department.

WELTER manufactures commercial and precision worm, helical and spur gears. Specializes  as well in the production of single parts and small production series. With more than 60 years’ experience in drive technology and gearbox engineering and highly qualified employees, we are able to offer spiral straight bevel gears &  cylindrical gears up to a maximum diameter of 4000 mm.

Custom, or in certain instances, standard design gearboxes engineered to meet exacting life requirements or operating conditions.

  • Service worldwide 24/7
  • All industrial and maritime applications possible
  • In-house engineering capabilities, transparent processes, quality certificates

We lead the gear technology industry through innovative designs and applications. Our engineers supervise repairs, design modifications and develop complete, custom-built gearboxes.

Special profiles and gear shapes can also be produced based upon the customer's requirements. High-quality, high-specification helical and spur gears are manufactured using leading-edge technology. A dedicated gear manufacturing machine shop provides the facilities necessary to manufacture either batch or single components for the precision, high-technology engineering sectors.

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