mys SERVICES S.A  is a service provider supplying qualified personnel and services to the ship and offshore repair and construction industry World-Wide. Since the company’s establishment , ship and rig owners, ship and rig repair construction yards around the globe have made mys their source for qualified personnel. This is attributed to the experience, work ethics, skills and safety focus of all employees, in the field and back at the home offices.


> Diesel engine overhaul & troubleshooting
> Gearbox repair and maintenance
> Rudder , propeller and shaft repairs
> Coupling and pedestal bearings
> Pipe fitting and repair (SS-CuNiFer..Titanium…)
> Machinery and plant , repair and overhaul
> Manufacturing and installation of pipelines
> Oleo hydraulic equipment
> Steel –Aluminum Works, Hull & superstructure, repair and replacement
> Welding and heat treatment
> On-site machining
> Installation of equipment. Commissioning
> Laser alignment


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mys SERVICES S.A is committed to have all its operations safe and protected against all hazards affecting occupational safety & health of its employees:
 Our Aim at mys is:
•    To create and develop such working conditions and environment which are conducive to safety & health of employees.
•    To make our process free from accidents and illnesses, gradually.
•    To work in an organized manner to make Continual Improvement in the area of Occupational Safety & Health.
•    To make objective based efforts for reducing unsafe and unhealthy work practices / conditions.
•    To educate/train our employees in the area of Occupational Safety & Health and make continuous efforts to create awareness among all concerned on the subject.
•     To develop an adequate investigation system which can help avoiding reoccurrence of accidents.
•     To comply with all the applicable legal & other requirements / regulations and to cooperate with the authorities concerned.

mys SERVICES S.A QUALITY : ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

It is our Quality Policy that we deliver on the basis of an effective quality system the best products and services that exceed our customers requirements and expectations. All executives and employees of mys SERVICES S.A are making continuous efforts to achieve the very best quality in all our products and services we offer.

Off-hire time. Late docking time. Delayed sailing time. When it feels as if time is against you, mys SERVICES can help to turn the tide, with comprehensive component supply, extensive engineering resources, national stocks of critical parts and technical expertise in repair and replacement - all supported by an international logistics infrastructure.

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