Worm gears

Wheel sets

Unique level of effectiveness,torque and lifespan.

CAVEX produce worm gear sets in versatile designs according to customer drawings and with all common standard profiles. With the new CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG we offer our customers a program of worm gear sets with the CAVEX®- wheel set program than has proven itself over decades. Due to their power density and the long lifetime CAVEX®-wheel sets are always number 1 among experienced constructors of sophisticated machines and units like:

• packaging machines
• food machines
• rolling mills (scissors, coilers, roller tables)
• mixing units and agitators
• ship construction.

CAVEX®-wheel sets are desgined for highest strains. We optimize the profile of the gear with state-of-the-art calculation tools. Because the reliablity of the CAVEX®-wheel sets has a high priority also under tough operatng conditons. We examine this on every wheel set.

The production program of the wheel sets includes:

  • Axle interval 40 - 1400 mm
  • Transmissions 1 to 180
  • Module 1 to 40
  • Worm teeth count 1 to 12
  • Increased accuracy
  • Limited flank tolerance
  • Finished measurements acc to customer spec.
  • Special versions
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