Rotating equip. services


Inspections & diagnosis.-

Our diagnostics services include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Vibration measurements
  • Thermography
  • Oil analysis
  • Component measurements
  • Alignment measurements

Vibration measurements provide good insight into machine behaviour. We perform both handheld measurements on applications with rolling bearings and more advanced measurements on turbines and gearboxes with sliding bearings.

Thermography is used to detect local temperature differences showing leaks, misalignment and bearing problems.

In troubleshooting assignments, alignment measurements provide valuable information on possible causes, using both conventional gauges and advanced laser alignment.

The diagnostics  is complemented by on-site component measurements. Using a Faro arm or optical measurement systems, different points of the geometry can be recorded and can later be directly imported into a 3D CAD program.

Gearbox and drive repair services

Working to the tightest deadlines, we can repair almost all types of gearbox or drive. 

Our services:

  • Machine inspection and diagnostics
  • Gearbox repair of virtually all brands and types
  • Field service for on-site repair, disassembly, assembly and commissioning
  • Flexible engineering & manufacturing capabilities
  • Reverse engineering, upgrades & modifications
  • Gearbox component manufacturing
  • Custom-built gearboxes including most major brands


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