Electrical & Electronic services


We are a leading Marine & Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering company providing unequalled sales and service to the commercial shipping & industry with Engineers based in Cadiz. We have an extensive range of both Electrical and Electronic test and measurement equipment. This includes Thermal Imaging, Circuit Breaker Injection Testing and Calibration etc.

Marine Electrical Equipment

Fault finding, repairs and servicing of all electrical and electronic equipment including;

  • Communication and Navigation Systems
  • Thermal Imaging and Inspection
  • Circuit Breaker Injection testing and calibration
  • Temperature and Pressure testing and Calibration
  • Motor servicing including rewinds
  • Generators AC and DC
  • Switchboard and Control Panels
  • Alarm panels and Monitoring Systems
  • Steering Gear and Relayed Controls and Monitors
  • Battery systems and chargers
  • Windlasses, Winches and Cranes

We have for monitoring and test purposes portable equipment including: injection testing to 2000 amperes, tachometers both contact and non contact, pressure test gear, measurement and injection testing of process devices, temperature thermal block, AC and DC testers (2000 amperes), lock gauges (slip rings and commutators), microwave leakage detection equipment and PCB fault diagnosis.


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